Electron Hydro

A Renewable Resource Community Partner

A Renewable Resource Community Partner

A Renewable Resource Community PartnerA Renewable Resource Community PartnerA Renewable Resource Community Partner

Electron is a 26 Megawatt run-of-river hydropower project located on the Puyallup River in Pierce County, Washington.

What's new at Electron?

Electron Hydro Presentation to the Puget Sound Partnership Salmon Recovery Council on January 23rd, 2020 in Lacey, WA

Electron Benefits


Electron provides clean renewable energy throughout the year, enough for more than 20,000 homes. In addition to power generation, the project conserves nearly 2200 acres of land and 10 miles of river shoreline, and that’s not all!

Current Projects


 Maintaining and upgrading the  hydropower facilities is a never-ending story. Repairing the diversion, replacing the spillway with an inflatable bladder, upgrading shoreline protection and installing a fish exclusion system are our top priorities. 

Salmon Power


 Energy isn’t the only renewable resource provided by Electron. The company is working steadily to improve fish passage, increase access to habitat and develop future fish rearing facilities. The Salmon Power program will let energy customers participate in Chinook salmon and Orca whale recovery.  

Our Team


The Electron Team includes professional engineers, plant operators, construction managers, regulatory and environmental experts, tradespeople and a variety of support staff all capable of developing and completing hydro and water projects.



Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always interested in hearing from qualified people who want to help us make our vision a reality. Click below for a list of current openings.



Electron was constructed in 1903 and operates today as a tribute to the dedicated workers and engineers who participated in its design and construction. It is the power that grew the great northwest!